Local Car Auctions – My Experience & Story

Local Car Auctions

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In my experience, I have seen it quite common for people to be a little intimidated from buying cars at local car auctions. At first I was a little intimidated myself, but quickly learned that there is nothing to be afraid of at local car auctions. Below is my experience and story buying cars from local car auctions.

The very first time that I was looking for local car auctions was when I was searching to buy a used newer model Lexus sedan for my wife. My wife just loves these cars. I first searched every Lexus dealership in town and couldn’t believe how high the cars were marked up in this down economy. It was just too much over my budget. I tired classifieds and they were not much better either. I had no idea where to find local car auctions. My good friend Chris (who works at a private car lot) told me to come along with him to one of the local car auctions being held. I’ve heard good things about local car auctions, but was a bit hesitant and wasn’t sure if local car auctions were going to be a complicated process.

My First Time At Local Car Auctions

My first time at one of the local car auctions, I was quite surprised to see the wide variety of vehicles. It was a great experience! I was really surprised, the staff at these local car auctions give you a condition report of every vehicle listed and it notes every little detail and flaw such as any scratches or dents, as well as the vehicles mechanical condition.

Vehicles from impound car auctions and vehicles from other cheap car auctions were there as well. Basically, after signing in, you inspect and look over the cars, go through the condition report, write down the vehicle numbers that you were interested in and sit for the auction. My wife and I did not find a Lexus that she wanted that day, but I ended up picking up a 2006 Corvette Z06 for $27,800! It was too good of a deal!

vette4 Local Car Auctions   My Experience & Story

I was so amazed on the quality of vehicles and the amazing deals people were buying cars at these local car auctions. Some of the best deals were from the impound car auctions. Cars were selling for up to half OFF of the retail value!

I knew I had to wait for another one of the local car auctions to be held because my wife was getting a bit jealous seeing me with my Corvette. simple smile Local Car Auctions   My Experience & Story

Local Car Auctions Website

My friend Chris told me about a website where I could go to search and find vehicles at local car auctions. The website to search vehicles at local car auctions is CLICK HERE. The selection of vehicles is huge! You can pretty much find several matches for whatever car you are looking for!

I searched through my city and found a 2008 Lexus ES350 for $14,300 at one of the local car auctions, only 40 miles from our house!

I ended up getting that Lexus for my wife and she absolutely is in love with it. simple smile Local Car Auctions   My Experience & Story

lexus2 Local Car Auctions   My Experience & Story

How I Made Extra Money At Local Car Auctions

From then on, my eyes really opened on the potential for these local car auctions. A few months later I began searching Local Car Auctions again, not to buy another car for us, but this time to buy a car and re-sell it for a profit.

I came across a 2002 Toyota Camry LE for $5,200! I bought that car and in less than a month sold it for $9,000. That’s a $3,800 profit. Local dealerships were selling them anywhere from $10,000-$14,000.

I still use this Local Car Auctions Search found HERE to find impound car auctions, repo car auctions and other cheap car auctions in my area. I highly suggest you check it out and search your city for Local Car Auctions.

5 Easy Ways To Find Local Car Auctions

5 Ways To Find Local Car Auctions

Local car auctions are taking place every month in your area. These cars are listed and sold at wholesale prices, which is below book value. There are a lot of amazing deals that you can find at these local car auctions on a variety of vehicles.

You might be asking yourself, why aren’t a lot of people attending these local car auctions? It’s because many people are not aware that they are taking place in their area. These local car auctions are usually not publicly advertised as much as car dealerships are. Many car dealerships and car salesmen attend these local car auctions on a weekly basis and do their best to keep it a secret from the general public. They don’t want you to go to these local car auctions because it directly competes with them AND it can hurt their car selling business.

However, there are plenty of vehicles for sale at great low deals for many people and these local car auctions are also open to the general public. We will discuss 5 main ways on how to find local car auctions, impound car auctions and other cheap car auctions in your city and state.

1. Local Car Auctions Held By The Government & Police Impound Car Auctions

Check with your Local Government Building for local car auctions. Call or go to your county government building and ask for any information for government car auctions. You may also want to check with your county and state government centers as well. Your local police department may also be holding impound car auctions. Government seized cars and impound car auctions are sold to the general public on a regular basis, but they are rarely advertised, so you will need to do the inquiring for these kinds of local car auctions.

2. Local Car Auctions In Newspaper Classifieds For Dealer Auto Auctions

Check your local newspaper for local car auctions. These Local car auctions are often listed in newspaper classifieds. However, they are normally listed last minute and only for a day or two. This can sometimes be a pain because it doesn’t give you much time to prepare. Most local car auctions listed in newspapers are dealer surplus auctions or classic car auctions, but this is another great way to find cheap car auctions in your area.

3. Local Car Auctions In Auto Magazines For Exotic & Classic Car Auctions

Check car magazines for larger local car auctions. Often times, car magazines will list local car auctions for muscle cars, classic cars and exotic cars. If you are in the market for one of these kinds of vehicles, this is another great way to find local car auctions. One drawback is that, these kinds of auctions are usually held in bigger cities, so unless you live in a big city, this may not be the best option for searching for local car auctions
4. Banks Often Hold Local Car Auctions For Repo Car Auctions

Contact your local financial banks for repossessed local car auctions. Banks auction off repossessed vehicles all the time from people who did not make their auto payments and sometimes hold local car auctions once a month. Many times, banks will give you an idea on some of the cars that they will have available before attending the local car auctions they are holding. There is usually a wide variety of vehicles to choose from ranging from small economy vehicles to luxury automobiles. This is also a good way to find cheap car auctions in your city.

5. Search & Find Local Car Auctions From An Online Website

My personal favorite and I think is the best and easiest way to find local car auctions is found HERE. This is a very reputable website that lists car auctions in almost every city and state. You have the ability to search your city for local car auctions and can even search the vehicles that are listed for sale and up for auction from the comfort of your home. They also list prices and reserves to give you an idea before attending. This is the easiest and one of the best ways to find local car auctions and the vehicles available. CLICK HERE to search your area and see what you can find!